A naturestrip or roadside verge is the strip of land between your property boundary and the adjacent roadway.

Nature strips form part of the road reserve and may include footpaths, street furniture, trees and vegetation.  They add to the ambience and amenity of the area and provide a natural setting.  They are also a space for Council and other authorities to house infrastructure such as water, sewer, gas, electricity, telecommunications and drainage pipes.

Works on naturestrips

If you are intending to undertake any works on your naturestrip including the planting or removal of trees or vegetation, new driveways, excavation, building construction, temporary storage of materials, you may need permission from Council. Unapproved works or alterations to the nature strip may result in limiting access and/or causing damage. 

Most works undertaken on the nature strip/roadside verge (other than tree planting) generally require an Asset Protection Permit


You should maintain your nature strip by regular mowing, edging turf, weeding and picking up litter. Council does not carry out maintenance of residential naturestrips.

Report an issue

If there is an issue with a naturestrip such as holes or the need for utility service works, you can report an issue online or contact us on (03) 5422 0333.

Naturestrip Policy

Council is currently reviewing its Naturestrip Policy. Once developed we will request community feedback on the draft policy. Keep an eye on the have your say section for more information.