About healthy ageing


Council aims to ensure that older residents can be as independent and active as possible while participating fully in their local community.

We are also working towards becoming an age-friendly community by developing an Age-friendly Communities Action Plan, a Positive Ageing Plan, and becoming a member of the World Health Organisation's Global Network for Age-friendly Communities. 

We are dedicated to ensuring our community is supportive and inclusive of people as they age. To do this, we:

  • coordinate healthy ageing programs and activities
  • support Senior Citizens, U3As and other groups and coordinate Council’s Seniors Festival program
  • work within Council and the community to advocate for older residents, and facilitate feedback to Council about what is important to older people.
  • offer opportunities for volunteers to contribute to the wellbeing, independence and community participation of older people living in the shire
  • offer a range of services to assist residents who need support to continue living in their own homes.

What is an age-friendly community?

“Age-friendly is everybody friendly” as defined by a local Macedon Ranges resident. It involves inclusive participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs, not just physical activity (World Health Organisation).

Age-friendly communities encourage active and positive ageing; they recognise the great diversity of our older population, promote inclusion of older people and respect their decisions and lifestyle choices. They enhance quality of life for people as they age, and benefit the whole community.

Find out more about the World Health Organisation’s Age-friendly Communities Program.

How will we do this?

We’ve developed an Age-friendly Communities Action Plan (available in Word(DOCX, 2MB) and PDF(PDF, 1MB)) using the WHO Global Network of Age-friendly Communities guide as well as research and community consultation data. We have also more recently developed a Positive Ageing Plan 2016-2020(PDF, 1MB) to further our endeavours in being age-friendly. This plan outlines four key areas of focus based on community feedback to support older people in our community:

  1. Purpose, meaning, learning and growth
  2. Active and healthy lifestyles
  3. Health and social support
  4. Enabling environments

Age-friendly communities eNewsletter

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