Kyneton Airfield Economics Opportunities Analysis

A new way forward for the Kyneton Airfield has been identified, after Council investigated the economic and social value, land use planning issues and future management structures through the Kyneton Airfield Opportunities Analysis(PDF, 1MB)

The analysis was undertaken with a $30,000 grant from Regional Development Victoria over twelve months and in two stages, with significant input from the community and interested stakeholders.

To minimise impacts on surrounding residents and support the airfield’s commercial, recreational and emergency role, Council will develop a master plan for the site and surrounds and establish an Advisory Committee to guide future operations.

The draft master plan was completed in August 2016, which sets out proposed future directions for the facility. These include the extension of the main north-south runway, additional hangars, short-term pilot accommodation, and an aircraft museum.

Before this document can be finalised and exhibited for community input, in 2017 Council will prepare an operations plan and noise assessment to identify the potential impacts of the proposed future directions in the master plan.

The operations plan will assess flight movements and potential impacts on surrounding areas, based on the recommendations in the draft master plan. Council will also undertake an Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF), which will consider the expected noise levels of existing and potential future aircraft movements.

Council also plans to hold discussions with the Country Fire Authority regarding the proposed future use of the airfield to assist in emergencies, particularly for aerial firefighting.

Next steps 

Once the operations plan and noise assessment are completed, Council will review the draft master plan. The documents will be subject to community consultation and, if adopted by Council, a Planning Scheme Amendment process.

For more information, contact the Operations Department on 5421 0801, email