Rates and charges

Rates and charges

Information about your rates - how they are calculated, if you are eligible for a concession, payment due dates, how they are spent and property valuations.

In this section...

Your rates and charges explained

Information about the types of rates and charges. plus details about how rates are calculated.

Changing your name and address

Information about how you can change your names and address that is on file with us.

Land, planning and building certificates

Types of property certificates relating to buying or selling a property or undertaking construction works

Rural addressing

Rural road addressing is an addressing standard that enables properties to be easily identified.

Property valuations

Valuations are carried out every two years and current valuations are effective from 1 January 2016.

Concessions and exemptions

Information about applying for the agricultural land rate, pensioner rebates and Council's financial hardship policy details.

Paying your rates

Payments and due dates for your rates.

History of rates or valuations on your property

Information about how to request a rates or valuation history search on your property.