Laws and regulations

Laws and regulations

Find out about the laws and regulations that you need to abide by that relate to animals, smoking, noise, trees, signs, street furniture and more.


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Cigarettes and smoking

Council has policies and programs to monitor and contrl the sale of tobacco and cigarettes in the Macedon Ranges.

Selling raffle tickets

Requirements for getting a permit to sell raffle tickets within Macedon Ranges Shire.

Events and outdoor activities

Regulations that you need to follow when holding an event or outdoor activity.

Roads and drains

Find out about works and maintenance on roads or report an issue with a drain.


Building and maintaining fences on your property, including keeping your animals secure, building permits, and dealing with neighbours.


Information about placing signs on public and private land.

Fines and offences

When and how to pay or appeal a fine/infringement for an offence under Council's Local Law No. 10, as well as offences and their values.

Street furniture

Find out what you need to do to have furniture or accessories for public use outside of your business.

Fire regulations

Various restrictions apply to lighting fires and burning off in the Macedon Ranges, and a permit may be required.

Trees and vegetation

How to resolve or report issues regarding trees and vegetation on Council roads, road reserves and public land.

Firewood collection

Find out about restrictions and permits required for collecting firewood on different types of land, and how you can report the illegal collection of firewood.

Vehicles and trolleys

Laws relating to repairing, selling or abandoning vehicles, as well as laws relating to shopping trolleys in public places such as Council roads and land or car parks.

Graffiti and vandalism

Dealing with graffiti and vandalism in the Macedon Ranges.

Waste & litter

Use your local waste services and package waste correctly. Report littering.

Neighbour disputes

Council does not deal with neighbour disputes. This page offers links on how to resolve disputes or who to contact if you are having a dispute with a neighbour.

Animals & pets

Information for pet and livestock owners in the Macedon Ranges, and assistance with a lost, injured or nuisance animals.


Information on how to resolve noise issues, as well as a link to a booklet detailing prohibited times for the use of certain items that can cause noise.

Burning off

Burning off is not allowed during the fire danger period without a permit. Conditions apply all other times of the year.

Parking rules and fines

Parking rules and time limits exist so that everyone gets a fair chance to park. Find out more about these rules, as well as how to apply for a disabled parking permit.