Community Funding Scheme

Community Funding Scheme Community Funding Scheme

Please note that there was a major change to the Community Funding Scheme in 2016 with the removal of the events and festivals category. Applicants for this category were able to apply for a new events and festivals grant program

2017 funding round

Our 2017 Community Funding Scheme will be opening Saturday 1 April and closing Monday 1 May 2017 at 2pm.

Not-for-profit projects can be eligible for a grants of up to $6,000.

If your group is applying for more than $1,000, it will need to be incorporated or auspiced by an incorporated group. 

What will be funded?

  • New projects, services and activities
  • New or existing not-for-profit groups within the shire

What is not funded?

  • Political groups
  • For-profit/commercial organisations
  • Individuals
  • Charitable organisations
  • Government agencies
  • Groups affiliated with large organisations
  • Groups that are in debt to Council
  • Events and festivals
  • Salaries
  • Fundraising
  • Ongoing operational costs such as salaries, rent, annual general meetings, insurances, utility costs 
  • Retrospective applications
  • Cash prizes
  • Applications that duplicate pre-existing services


Please read the guidelines Word (DOCX, 2MB) or PDF (PDF, 688KB) carefully before completing the application Word (DOCX, 2MB) or PDF (PDF, 299KB). Once you have read the guidelines, please speak to a relevant Council officer before applying or your application will not be considered.

Arts and Culture/Community Halls Terry Moore 5422 0383
Building Projects Carina Doolan 5421 9636
Community Development   Stephen Hiley   5422 0286  
Economic Development and Tourism Alexis Owen  5421 9616
Environment  Michelle Wyatt  5421 9678
People and Family  Rebecca Millard  5422 0262
Recreation and Parks  Dean Frank  5421 1466


Funding & assessment

Each year the total funds requested through grant applications we receive is approximately twice our available budget.

We use an aggregate score, assessed by a panel, to determine the level of funding for each project. Usually, the higher your score, the higher the funding. To receive a high score, your application must address all of our criteria. A good application arises from planning and research.

We allow six weeks for the assessment of all applications. Once the panel reviews and scores these, they present a recommendation to Council for consideration at the June Ordinary Council meeting. All applicants will then be advised of the outcome in writing.


If your grant application is successful, you will receive a letter of offer and an invitation to our celebration night where you will receive a grant kit that contains a partnership agreement, an invoice and an acquittal form. We process the grant payment when the agreement and invoice have been signed and returned to us.

Once your project has been completed, an acquittal form must be forwarded to Council. If you do not return the form, your group will be ineligible to apply for future rounds of the Community Funding Scheme.

For more information, contact Kate on 5422 0345, Trudy on 5422 0320 or email

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