About Council

About Council

Learn about how Council works, including the role of Councillors, Council meetings and decisions and how to have your say.

In this section...

Community Satisfaction Survey

The results of Council's latest community satisfaction survey, which captures views about Council over the last 12 months from a sample 400 residents.

Council policies

A list of Council policies that guide our services and activities.

Council committees

We have a range of advisory committees, and committees of management that are responsible for Council facilities.

Grants and funding

Find out what grants and funding are available through Council and other government agencies.

Australia Day

Take part in Australia Day activities, nominate someone for an award, apply for a grant for your event, or become an Australian Citizen on Australia Day.

Strategies and plans

A list of strategies and plans that guide our decision-making process.

Our wards and Councillors

A list of Macedon Ranges shire wards and their Councillor representatives, including contact details.

How Council works

Find out how Council decisions are made, view the Council meeting schedule and learn about the role of the Mayor and your Councillors.

Have your say

We work hard to improve our level of service to our community. Your feedback on our processes, decisions, service and staff is important and we welcome your input.

Council expenditure

In 2016/17, we will spend over $54 million on delivering our services.

Annual & quarterly reports

Council provides annual and quarterly reports on financial, operational and performance data.

Council plan and budget

The Council Plan sets out the direction Council has decided on for its term of office. It incorporates the Health and Wellbeing Plan and is supported by the annual budget.

Works & Projects Calendar

Current capital works, road works and community infrastructure projects happening in the Macedon Ranges.

Meeting dates, agendas and minutes

Attend a Council meeting, view the agenda of upcoming meetings or read the minutes of previous meetings.