Industries and Strategies

Macedon Ranges Economic Development Strategy 2009–2019

The Economic Development Strategy aims to ensure local, sustainable job creation with consideration for community values and environmental concerns. 

Macedon Ranges Tourism Industry Strategic Plan 2011–2016

The Tourism Industry Strategic Plan 2011-2016 is a comprehensive analysis of opportunities and strategic actions for tourism development in the Macedon Ranges. The strategy aims to underpin the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges Regional Tourism Board Strategy and encompass all aspects of tourism development in the Macedon Ranges with the objective of shared knowledge, capacity building and ownership.

Macedon Ranges Equine Industry Strategy 2012–2016

The Macedon Ranges Equine Industry Strategy 2012 –2016 (PDF, 4MB) addressed the opportunities and constraints identified for the industry. Through extensive consultation with the equine sector, a number of key strategic actions have been developed to advance the industry in the Macedon Ranges, focusing on business development and recreation.

As part of the implementation of the strategy the Macedon Ranges Equine Centre Feasibility Study (PDF, 2MB) was developed to investigate the possibility of establishing an equine centre in the Macedon Ranges.  

The five year strategy is now complete but Council continues to acknowledge the importance of the equine industry and will support those interests through appropriate future economic strategies and tactical initiatives.  Any outstanding or ongoing actions will be reviewed and considered as part of other relevant processes and plans. 

Council also acknowledges the importance of accessible, safe and high quality equestrian facilities for the recreational participants in the shire and will consider improvements in those areas as part of Council’s new Leisure Strategy. 

For further information contact Leanne on 5421 9617 or email

Macedon Ranges Business Survey

Council has conducted four business surveys since 2009. The purpose of the surveys is to understand the opportunities and challenges for local businesses and employment creation so programs, services and strategies can be put in place.

A link to all previous surveys is provided on this page however, the report on outcomes from the 2013 Business Survey and 2015 Business Survey (PDF, 2MB) results were collated and presented to Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 24 February, 2015 (PDF, 720KB). The survey was open from 3 August - 21 September, 2015 and was promoted through local newspapers, Council's website, business network events, community newsletters, eNews, direct email and phone calls and at all Council offices.

Overall, the survey results indicated a confidence in business investment and an increased positive outlook to business performance in the Macedon Ranges compared to previous surveys.

Thank you to the hundreds of businesses that took the time to complete the survey. All survey responses are confidential and information presented is of the total survey data.

For more information, contact Economic Development and Tourism on 5421 9616 or email

Events & Festivals

A considerable and growing number of events and festivals are held across the Macedon Ranges throughout the year, providing significant economic and community benefit to the shire.

If you are holding an event in the shire you may be required to complete the event notification process. This process requires a form to be submitted which is assessed by Council’s internal events network with advice then provided to event organisers on a range of services, from marketing and promotion, to assistance with obtaining any required permits.

To support and assist with the delivery of sustainable, successful and compliant events, the Event Strategy 2010-2013 was developed, this was shire’s first Events Strategy.

With the strategy successfully delivered, a review was undertaken at the end of its documented life which provided a series of recommendations that are currently being implemented. The implementation of each of these recommendations will then culminate in a new Events and Festivals Strategy. To date, this has delivered a new dedicated, centralised resource and the new Events & Festivals Grant Program. This new annual funding scheme provides financial and in-kind support to events and festivals being held in the Macedon Ranges and opens each year in April.

The Victorian Government also announced a new Regional Events Fund in the 2016/17 budget. The fund is designed to support the attraction, development, marketing and growth of events in regional Victoria. For further details Regional Events Fund.  

To assist with the development and delivery of successful events, there are two workshops scheduled on the 2017 Business Seminars, Networking and Training Program, one providing the tools and skills to develop a comprehensive Event Management Plan and the other to learn about the services and assistance Council can provide to those running events in the Macedon Ranges. For further details Business, Seminars, Networking and Training Program.

For further information contact Bridgette O’Brien, Events & Festivals Officer  on 5421 9521 or

Macedon Ranges Business Centre Feasibility Study 2011

The Business Centre Feasibility Study determined whether there is a need for a business centre and supporting services in the Macedon Ranges Shire.

Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Plan 2013–2018

The Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Plan 2013–18 (PDF, 7MB) is one of the first developed by a council that addresses the challenges and opportunities facing the agricultural industry. It also recognises and promotes the industry’s contribution to the local economy, and community.

Developed in consultation with local agribusinesses, the plan integrates feedback received via the Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Survey, from one-on-one interviews and extensive community and industry consultation as well as additional research.

The process resulted in fourteen key actions under four strategic themes:

  • communication
  • transition
  • information and facilitation 
  • growth opportunities

A number of key actions have been achieved and are currently in progress including:

  • The Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Forum consists of various local Agribusiness industry sectors advising Council on the challenges and opportunities for local agriculture and supporting the implementation of the Agribusiness Plan 2013-18.
  • Review operations at the Kyneton Saleyards and consider future options for its use through the development of a Strategic Plan that includes a master plan for the site and a business case for the truck wash.
  • Work with the Forum to establish and promote Macedon Ranges agribusiness through the development of a local agribusiness producers guide
  • Facilitate and promote existing weed and pest management through an annual workshop and information.
  • Continue to work with local real estate agencies to improve the distribution and promotion of information available to new landholders to communicate opportunities and information and build links between the established and new residents in agricultural areas through the development of a new farmers information pack

For more information about the plan contact Economic Development and Tourism on 5421 9616 or email

Kyneton Saleyards Strategic Plan

The Macedon Ranges Agribusiness Plan 2013-2018, identified the Kyneton Saleyards as a key asset for users and one of the main sales outlets for local sheep and cattle in the region.  The plan clearly highlighted the significant contribution the Saleyards makes to the local economy, both directly and indirectly.
A key action for the Agribusiness Plan was to undertake a review of the Kyneton Saleyards. 

As a result Council sought funds from Victorian government and has also contributed to the undertaking of a review of the Saleyards. 

The deliverables of this project are to develop:

  •  A Kyneton Saleyards Strategic Plan
  •  An Asset Management Plan
  •  Truck Wash Business Case
  •  A master plan for future development (to be incorporated into the Strategic Plan).

To inform the development of the strategic plan consultation has been conducted during March, April and May 2015 with producers and buyers, stock agents, transport operators, agribusiness forum members, meat and livestock industry associations, Hardwicks abattoirs, relevant Council staff and the general community.

This feedback and research has informed the development of a Draft Strategic Plan which will be available for public consultation in the coming months.  The second round of feedback will inform the final strategic plan which will be finalised by the end of March 2016.

For more information, contact Economic Development and Tourism on 5421 9616 or email


 Kyneton Airfield Economics Opportunities Analysis

A new way forward for the Kyneton Airfield has been identified, after Council investigated the economic and social value, land use planning issues and future management structures at the site. 

To minimise impacts on surrounding residents and support the Airfield’s commercial, recreational and emergency role, Council will develop a master plan for the site and surrounds and establish an Advisory Committee to guide future operations. The new committee will work with Council to develop an Airfield Operations Plan and review current governance arrangements at the site. The analysis was undertaken with a $30,000 grant from Regional Development Victoria over twelve months and in two stages, with significant input from the community and interested stakeholders.
For more information, contact the Operations Department on 5421 0801, email or read the Council report.

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