Pools and spas


You will need a building permit if you want to:

  • construct, install or alter a swimming pool or spa that is more than 300mm deep
  • construct, install or alter a pool safety fence.

Pool fences

You are required by law to have a pool safety fence installed around any body of water that is primarily used for swimming, wading, paddling.

This applies to:

  • spas (in-ground and portable)
  • indoor swimming pools
  • outdoor swimming pools (above and in-ground)
  • hot tubs
  • wading pools

Your pool safety fence must comply with national building standards.

Remember, a fully compliant safety barrier can never be considered totally childproof and proper adult supervision is essential to ensure the safety of children around a swimming pool or spa.

Tips for maintaining fences and barriers 


Check that all gates close properly and self-closing hinges are working. This may be as simple as lubricating the gate and inspecting the structure for corrosion and missing or loose screws. 

Remove climbable objects 

Remove any climbable objects that are placed too close to the barrier such as chairs, pot plants or overgrown trees. 

For more information contact our Building unit on (03) 5422 0333.