Your responsibilities when keeping a pet, including registration, dog poo and barking, dogs off leash and how to surrender an animal you can’t look after.

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Dog poo

Dog poo is a form of litter and you must collect and remove all droppings that your pets leave in a public place.

Pet registrations and renewal

How to register and renew your dog or cat registration, including fees, payment methods and requirements for restricted breeds or dangerous dogs.

Walking dogs off leash

Dogs are not required to be on a lead, unless the area is signed. However, dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs do need to be on a lead at all times.

Surrendering your pet

If you are no longer physically or financially able to look after your pet, Council may be able to help you find them a new home.

Pet ownership

Having a pet comes with some important responsibilities, many of which are governed by the Domestic Animals Act and subject to serious penalties.