Kyneton Saleyards

Kyneton Saleyards

Sale information for the Kyneton Saleyards, including sale dates and times, stock agents and use of the Kyneton Truckwash.

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Stock agents

Three local agents operate at the Kyneton Saleyards who can manage the sale of your livestock.

Animal welfare and transport

You must adhere to legal requirements for animal welfare when buying, selling and transporting livestock to or from the Kyneton Saleyards.

Saleyards history

The Kyneton Saleyards has a rich history and association with Kyneton, dating back to 1860.

Saleyard dates and times

Prime cattle, sheep and lamb sales are held every Thursday at the Kyneton Saleyards. Store cattle sales are held on the last Wednesday of each month.


Standpipe locations and permit information.

What can be sold

Cattle are sold at the weekly prime sale and monthly store sale. Sheep and goats are sold at the weekly sheep sale. We don’t sell horses, pigs, alpacas/lamas or poultry.