Keeping animals & livestock

Keeping animals & livestock

Find out the breeds and numbers of animals you can keep on your property and what your responsibilities are with fencing and weed control.

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Keeping farm animals

Farm animals are popular additions to small landholdings, but there are Council regulations and state legal requirements you must comply with if you own a farm animal.

Grazing on road reserves

If you own livestock, you can apply for a permit to graze on Council road reserves, subject to a number of conditions.

Animal business permits

Animal businesses such as pet shops, shelters/pounds, boarding kennels and breeding or training establishments need a Council permit to operate.


Make sure pets and livestock are vaccinated to prevent the spread of disease.

Animals you can keep

There are limits on the number of animals you can keep on your property without the need for a permit. Any animals you keep should not cause a nuisance to anybody.


Building and maintaining fences on your property, including keeping your animals secure, building permits, and dealing with neighbours.