Have your say on draft nature strip policy

Published on 04 December 2018

Council is seeking feedback on a draft policy which will allow landscaping of nature strips in public spaces in the shire.

The draft Nature Strip Landscaping Policy was informed by public consultation earlier this year and will allow residents to beautify their nature strips in keeping with new Council guidelines.

The guidelines will ensure any nature strip treatments do not impede clear viewing lines for pedestrians and road traffic and do not interfere with the provision of essential services such as gas and water within road reserves.

Acting Director Assets and Operations, Anne-Louise Lindner said the new draft policy acknowledges the impact of climate change and allows for planting of low-maintenance plants which require little water and complement the natural environment.

“Residents and property owners will be able to select from a range of low-maintenance, drought-tolerant groundcovers and grasses as an alternative to traditional lawn nature strips,” she said.

Benefits of the alternative plants include water conservation, reduced maintenance, increased biodiversity and improved visual impact.

Accompanying guidelines for the draft policy will be developed after consideration of public feedback.

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